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Nov 03


Love of my life ;)

Oct 22

Hey you Wacky world of internet loving freaks, Its been a while since i last did anything on here, so here comes a wee bit of new from yours truely, i have just spend the last few hours updating my wacky blog, which is now changed name, thats if you didnt notice… have to say not much different in the updated version, but atleast my damn plugins are working now, have had a bit of a unique weekend, just wish i could tell someone about it,  but a man has to keep his word…GODDAMNIT,   :P

and for my second bit of new why not visit a friend of mines site


Sep 13

Below are a few picture that my friend Gail (A.K.A - 02Snuz) made me for my Dj’in escapades




As i am rather keen on pictures and little odds & ends like that i thought i would post this

Thank you Gail