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My name is Neil Bidwell. I’ve been an Internet freak since 1998, and I’m currently an Delivery manager for the biggest fast food company in the planet. It’s true that this is an unusual combination, and some folks find the concept of a slave to a corporation downright fascinating. When it comes right down to it, however, I’m just another seeker trying to live a meaningful life in work full of despair.

I have some passions for which I try to make time. One is music - I play no instruments, but am an online DJ for a few amateur stations. I also love a variety of outdoor activities, like bicycling, hiking, & camping, etc.

The Techie Nun tag-line reveals another passion, which is good considering what I do for about 50+ hours a week. I love technology, especially technology that facilitates bringing people together. Thus, this blog.

I hope you’ll get to know me a little better as I try to give you a glimpse into life and how that fits with the rest of my life. And I hope you will join the conversation by leaving comments!

For anyone who would prefer to send me an e-mail privately, just fill in the form shown to the left. (If you are logged in with a Word-Press account, all you need to type is the message…the name, e-mail address, and web site associated with your account will come to me automatically.) I can’t always guarantee a speedy response, but I’ll try…

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