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Neil’s Wacky Warehouse
Nov 03


Love of my life ;)

Oct 29

As a Sorry gift for my friend Jenny…heres that pink pony i promised

A Poink Pony

Hope you like it

Oct 22

Hey you Wacky world of internet loving freaks, Its been a while since i last did anything on here, so here comes a wee bit of new from yours truely, i have just spend the last few hours updating my wacky blog, which is now changed name, thats if you didnt notice… have to say not much different in the updated version, but atleast my damn plugins are working now, have had a bit of a unique weekend, just wish i could tell someone about it,  but a man has to keep his word…GODDAMNIT,   :P

and for my second bit of new why not visit a friend of mines site


Oct 08

Microsoft has just launched a “button builder” website, which allows you to create a personal “Add me to Messenger” button for your blog, website, online profile or e-mail signature.

After selecting your favorite style, color and message, a personal code snippet will be generated, and from a dropdown menu you’ll be able to obtain instructions on how to add it to Blogger, Facebook, Outlook 2003/2007, MSN/Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Mail Beta, Windows Live Spaces, MySpace and whatnot. When a visitor of your page then clicks the button, Messenger’s “Add a contact” window will appear with your Messenger address pre-filled out.

The idea is not exactly new, because I’ve seen it before on our Belgian MSN portal. But the new site does offer a few more customisation options. And at the moment, the four messages are only available in English but I’ve been told localized versions of the button builder are expected.

Note that it’ll only work with Internet Explorer (not with Firefox or Opera), and that Windows Live Messenger has to be running for the window to pop up. It won’t work with the recently released MSN Messenger 7.0 either.

TIP: In the provided code, replace “add” with “chat” if you want the button to instantly fire up a conversation with you. Check this FAQ for more info on these codes.

>> Create your customized Windows Live Messenger button here.

Sep 13

Below are a few picture that my friend Gail (A.K.A - 02Snuz) made me for my Dj’in escapades




As i am rather keen on pictures and little odds & ends like that i thought i would post this

Thank you Gail

Sep 12

I think the next time you need the toilet you should get some of these unique batteries, your be wasting a good source of free energy.

In 2005, Scientists in Singapore developed a battery powered by urine. The Scientists were able to produce electric power using liquid as a catalyst thanks to a special mixture of magnesium and carbon inside the batteries.

nopopo_battery.jpg Continue reading »

Sep 10

Well it been one of those days where i have been trying to do a job of a miricle worker, and have failed miserbly, so in the end its come down to writing a big list that takes about 20min to load up on here, in my opinion, from my few visitors, who rarely look on here, does it matter, but to me it does, so attached to this random bit of weird exotic writing is my list of albums

My Album List

P.S if anyone know a nice way to make list lok prettier please let me know

Sep 05

I have been here 3 hour trying numerous plug-ins to get adsense working on my blog, plug-in after plug-in wouldnt show in firefox, so here i was getting all frustrated. Only to find out there was a very simple reason. Don’t have Ad-Block activated, because you wont see them, so the moral of the story is use your brain, if you want something to work…Rant over

Update: Click my ads i wanna become rich :)

Sep 05

Ok.. This is gonna be something of a strange blog effort today, but just a curious question that popped into my head that i have to express….. On star trek, they have food replicators, that can make meals, like meat but ok, i know it a protein substute, but how come they can make real people shouldnt the basic principle be the same, shouldnt meat be the same as a human, or alien body, i am sure it has something to do with matter to energy conversion…hell now i am just confusing myself…

Aug 28

Welcome to WordPress. Well ww.ndbidwell.com, This is first first attemp at a personal blog, and where i am gonna put my rants & raves about life, the intranet, or is that internet and utter shit in my life, most of all i am gonna be creative. hope you enjoy what you see and leave my lots of comments.. peace out Neil x